Asterisk Pro Installer Training Course

Want to be an Asterisk developer or build your own telephone system?

- Then this is the course is for you.

- Thinking of writing the dCAP exam? Our preparation course for the dCAP exam includes the Asterisk Pro Installer course and the Advanced course. Get an internationally recognized qualification. Our dCAP qualified trainer will teach you the practical skills and explain the theory indepth to help you prepare for the dCAP exam.


Entry requirements: This is the ideal course for someone who has no experience on Linux, Telecom or Asterisk or if you have been working on an IP system but need guidance and direction. The course is extremely hands on with lots of lab sessions and in-depth discussions on each topic.

This course covers a vast amount of information and your questions and requirements will be used as examples for class discussions.

We do offer On-site training, which benefits you by not having to send your staff away plus you can have the course tailor made to your specific needs - we will accommodate you within our means.


Day One:
  • - Linux Basics, Networking and Command line
  • - Telco Terms and Signalling
  • - (SIP) Session Initiation Protocal
  • Day Two:
  • - SIP Client Configuration
  • - The Dial Plan
  • - Class-of-Service Implementation
  • - IVR Set Up
  • Day Three:
  • - DAHDI Client Configuration
  • - IAX2 Client Configuration
  • - Voice Recording
  • - Conference Bridge
  • - CDR call data records
  • - Flash Operator Panel
  • - Call Queues
  • - Legacy PBX Interfacing
  • - 32 Point Checklist
  • You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.

    Remember, to get the most out of the course you have to participate, concentrate and be interested.

    We like to know that our students have fun on the course and leave with the knowledge that they came for.

    We do not offer an overhead projector course with a slide show - it will require more than just showing up!

    We are passionate about Open source and Asterisk and we enjoy sharing our knowledge with you our valued customer.

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